Introducing Renewable Union

Our ability to reinvent the wheel has lead us to change the way we produce and consume energy. We help you into a future where you can harness, consume renewable energy and join us in our fight against climate change.

Our Services

Why pay out of control energy bills?

With Renewable Union, you can generate your own electricity from your roof.

Solar Guarantee

Helping homeowners and businesses achieve long-term electricity cost reductions by generating their own clean, green electricity from solar energy. For Free.

Go Green

We provide you our turnkey Solar PV Service from initial enquiry through to installation, monitoring and on-going maintenance.

100% Renewable, Up to 50% Annual Savings

Our Services

Power Purchase Agreement

Renewable Union funds the installation of the Solar PV System and you receive a substantial discount in Solar PV Electricity. After 20 years, we will transfer over to you the Solar PV System, so that you can benefit from free solar electricity.

Energy Savings

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Maximise your savings

Take advantage of Amperio monitoring system to know exactly when and how much the system is producing. You can then maximise energy consumption when production is high and minimise it when it is low, manually or automatically using our intelligent switching.

Step 1

arrow Get in touch with us to see if your roof is suitable.
We will survey your property and provide you with the most suitable solution.

Step 2

arrow We work with you to see which option suits you best.
Offering the most flexible plans in the industry.

Step 3

check We'll take care of the rest.
Our engineers will proceed with installation, connection, operation & maintenance.